ENCORE FLOYD is a full-on team effort. The five musicians in the band work together with a set designer, a sound engineer, a video jay, a graphic artist and a film producer specialising in synthetic generated images. The group got together in 2004 playing festival opening acts and started to headline gigs from 2005. They’ve played over 400 concerts at key venues including the Horizon Rock festival, the Hippie and Pink Floyd Festivals, Crescendo, Fete de l’Humanite and the Pyroconcert at Aix les Bains. In 2012, the group clinched a one month performance slot at the Parisian Vingtieme Theatre with their show “Before the Wall” and have been invited back this summer to perform in June and July.
BEFORE THE WALL - From Syd Barrett to “Animals” is Encore Floyd’s retrospective forerunner to The Wall. It’s a journey through psychedelic madness spanning a dozen albums from 1967 to 1977 – the era that defined PINK FLOYD’s music and determined the way forward in rock music, inspiring generations of devoted fans.
PINK FLOYD dominated the rock scene for decades with its progressive music, avant garde use of sonic and visual experimentation and the creation of an imaginary world through their philosophical lyrics. With just a pair of earphones, a hi-fi and the surreal 33T album cover, millions of fans mulled over key moments in their lives to the sound of PINK FLOYD. Whilst striving for an authentic reproduction of the Pink Floyd sound, ENCORE FLOYD integrates the latest technology into its performances with an eclectic stage set combining real-time visual projection of video clips, documentaries and 3D animations.
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Michael has always loved singing but it all started off for him in 1992 when he joined a group. Four years later he had formed the group “Abyss”, performing his own songs. He was quickly singled out by Eden Dara who launched him into his career, training him in Progressive Rock vocals. He sang with five different groups ranging in style from Blues to Trip Rock, Country and Pop but his true passion was 1970’s rock music and his vocal compositions are always inspired from this period. Michael became a singing teacher in 2000 but it was only in 2013 when he met up with ENCORE FLOYD that he was finally able to get involved with the music that he’d bonded with since he was a young boy – PINK FLOYD !
Mark was born in 1968 and raised in the north east of the United Kingdom. Once he’d turned 18, he decided to leave his homeland to travel and discover the world in the company of his grandfather’s guitar! With his beloved “Strat”, his technique evolved as he built up experience living in the south of Spain before moving to France, where he became a professional musician.

Mark is one of the founder members of ENCORE FLOYD and since 2004, he has been passionately committed to pinpointing the genuine PINK FLOYD sound. In 2011, the Director of “Guitar Village” hand-picked Mark after seeing him play in a festival performance and presented him with a “Black Strat” David Gilmour guitar, in 2011.
Frederic started to learn the piano at 13 years old and studied at the Conservatoire until 1999 where he was awarded a prize for his achievements. Inspired by music ranging from Chopin to Jean-Michel Jarre, Herbie Hancock, Genesis and Pink Floyd (Ummagumma, the Dark Side of the Moon) he went on to develop an interest in synthesizers and formed his first group at 15 years old.

He studied jazz for a year in 1995 at the CIM with Philippe Baudoin, Benoit De Mesmay and Jean-Claude Fohrenback, continuing his studies with the pianist Serge Forte from 1997 to 2000. En 2008, he was awarded a DEM from Jean-Marie Bellec at the CNR, in Nantes. Whilst studying at the CIM, he recorded with flutist Hubert Camus for the album “Jazz-World” as well as the album “Day Off”, produced and mixed by Lionel Boree, alongside the percussionists Paco Sery and Daniel Sydney Bechet, saxophonist Philippe Nadaud and trumpeter Ernesto Tito Puentes. Between 1996 and 2002, he worked on different television studio projects (France 2). He joined ENCORE FLOYD in 2003.
Born in 1966, Sylvain took up the drums in secondary school. His first performance was Lou Reed’s Sweet Jane and David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust. He then moved on to play hard rock such as AC/DC and Led Zep, Jethro Tull, Peter Gabriel and Genesis. He was influenced by David Sanborn, Uzeb, Weather Reaport and Miles Davis and his style evolved from fusion towards progressive rock.

He completed his studies at Music College and received a prize from the Agostini School, Paris where he trained as a music teacher. Sylvain has played for Harlequin (Rock Progressif), Ogogpogo (Jazz/Funk), Blues et des Poussieres (Blues), Duclemir (Soul,Funk) and Loco Lizard (Rock). He has also worked for Giselle Hamburg in the United States.

PINK FLOYD were something of a missing link on his journey of musical discovery as he had never played their music until he joined ENCORE FLOYD. In 2004, he was listed in the international compilation of drummers playing on DDRUM.

In addition, with the cooperation of La Baguetterie Paris et Saico, Syvain was called upon to design the drum kit “Ludwig Vintage” in 2011 – a unique series inspired by the kit used by Nick Mason in Pompei.
Olivier was born and brought up in Nancy but spent his teenage years in the Paris region, where he indulged in his passion for drawing whilst listening to music on the radio. He was fascinated by Philippe Druillet, Roger Dean and Salvador Dali, devoured Science fiction books and listened to Led Zeppelin, Yes, King Crimson, Les Stooges and PINK FLOYD.

Particularly attracted to the sound of the bass and its anti-hero status, music became his main interest in life. He started off playing the bass learning extracts from PINK FLOYD’s album “More”. He went on to take up lessons with the renowned Francis Darizcuren and attended classes at the Conservatoire and the CIM, where he discovered Jazz, Funk and Fusion, tutored by Hans J. Kullock.

As an avid concert goer, he attended performances in 1973 by Led Zeppelin, Yes, The Who and Zappa and religiously saw all the new concerts given by Pink Floyd as well as the Pink Floyd ballet with Roland Petit. These musical influences were later to be infused with a passion for Jaco Pastorius’s music and bass playing.

Olivier joined ENCORE FLOYD in 2005 as their bassist. In 2012, the “Bass Player magazine” devoted a double page spread on his work playing the Fender Precision Roger Waters Signature bass.
Friday 1st April 2016
Saint Symphorien d'Ozon - Salle Louise Labé
Thursday 8th & Friday 9th April 2016
Avignon - Théâtre du Chêne Noir
Wednesday 9th April 2014 and Friday 23rd May 2014
Garges les Gonesse - Salle Lino Ventura
Saturday 21st Juny 2014 to Sunday 27th July 2014
Paris - Vingtième Théâtre
Monday 18th August 2014 and Tuesday 19th August 2014
Sarlat - Scène des Enfeus
Friday 22nd August 2014 to Sunday 24th August 2014
Coutarnoux - Les 10 ans de Champretard
Monday 25th August 2014
Talloires - Pyroconcert
Wednesday 27th August 2014 to Friday 29th August 2014
Coutarnoux - Les 10 ans de Champretard
Saturday 20th September 2014
Delle - Hall des 5 Fontaines
Thursday 2nd October 2014 to Saturday 4th October 2014
Avignon - Théâtre du Chêne Noir
Friday 17th April 2015
Viry Chatillon - Théâtre de l'Envol
Friday 29th May 2015
Blanc Mesnil - Deux Pièces Cuisine
Saturday 30th May 2015
Parc de Saint-Cloud - Pyroconcert de Jean-Eric Ougier
Friday 10th July 2015 to Sunday 12nd July 2015
Sarlat - Enfeus
Friday 25th September 2015
Ulis - Centre Culturel Boris Vian
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